World Faiths Activity Badge – Scout


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  • Complete one of these activities:
    • Visit a place of worship for a faith other than your own. Find out the differences between this building and your own place of worship.
    • Attend a religious festival for a faith different to your own.
  • Complete one of these activities:
    • Learn about the life of a founder or a prominent leader of a faith. You could learn about people like Prince Siddhartha Gautama, Mohammed, Jesus Christ or a saint such as St George.
    • Find out about someone whose faith has had a significant impact upon his or her life.
  • Read a sacred text from another faith. Show how it compares it with a similar teaching from your own faith.
  • Find out how following the teachings of another faith affects an individual’s daily life. This could include food or dietary laws, rituals, prayers or religious observances.
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