Teamwork Challenge Award – Beaver


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How to earn your award

  1. Take part in at least four different team games.
  2. Work with other Beaver Scouts to make something or complete a challenge or activity together.
  3. Show your leader that you are a helpful team member.
  4. Take part in at least two Log Chews.
  5. Be a leader in an activity or captain of a team.
  6. Show that you are a good friend.
Every individual  who undertakes an activity badge should face a similar degree of challenge and as a result some requirements may need to be adapted. It is completely  acceptable to change some of the requirements of the badges to allow individuals to access the badge (for example where there are special needs, cultural issues, or religious considerations to take into account) and the requirements outlined for activity badges do allow for some flexibility in order to obtain the badge. If you would like help or advice when considering adapting the requirements of a badge please contact UK Headquarters.

Guidance for Leaders:

As well as the guidance below, Programmes Online and the Beaver Scout Games Book contain lots of activity ideas that you could use to deliver this badge. Beavers are individuals and working in teams can be a new experience for some of them. The ability to cooperate and work in small teams is very important in Scouting, and the Beaver teamwork award is designed to encourage and assist Beavers in developing this skill. Please note that any activity completed can only count towards one requirement of the award. Take part in at least four different team games Beavers enjoy playing games, and this is an opportunity for you to play a variety of different games with the Colony. The suggested time period for completing this requirement is 6 weeks, but this could be longer if needed. The key is to ensure the games are spread throughout the programme rather than concentrated over one or two meetings, as this gives the Beavers a chance to develop their team working skills. Working with other Beaver Scouts, make something or complete a challenge or activity together To complete this requirement, Beavers should work in small teams, co-operating and working with each other to achieve a common goal. This could be anything from producing piece of artwork or a junk model, to planting bulbs or completing an experiment. Show your leader that you are a helpful team member Helpful team members co-operate with the other members of their team, working together and communicating. Teams in Beavers could be their Lodge, games team or activity group. The specific examples will vary from Beaver to Beaver, and could come from participation in a number of types of team. In order to meet this requirement, Beavers need to be able to give their leaders examples of how they were helpful over a period of about six weeks. Take part in at least two Log Chews A Log Chew is an opportunity for Beavers to have their say and shape their Scouting experience. Very often an informal discussion with the Colony, it could involve deciding on a programme activity or game, or where to go on an outing. More information about Log Chews and how to run them can be found here. Be a leader in an activity or captain of a team in a game To complete this requirement, a Beaver could be the captain of a football or relay team, picking their fellow team members. They could also lead an activity group, collecting the resources they need and explaining to the rest of their group what they need to do. It may be more appropriate for some Beavers to be responsible for an element of something, rather than leading a whole team. Demonstrate that you are a good friend Activities available on Programmes Online can be used to help Beavers develop friendships within the Colony, and understand what it means to be a good friend.]]>