Photographer Activity Badge – Cub


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  • Show that you know how to use and look after your digital camera. Show how to turn it on and off, use the zoom function, charge or replace the batteries, insert a memory card and transfer pictures from the camera to a computer or tablet.
  • Take at least five photographs of local landmarks that could be used to make a tourist leaflet.
  • Take photos while you’re on a visit, Pack outing or camp. Present 10 of your best pictures to someone else after the event. You could present them in a scrapbook, on a screen, in a photo book or some other way.
  • Choose one of these activities to do:
    • Take two pictures of the same thing – one in colour and one in black and white. Compare how the effects change the way the final picture looks.
    • Using a digital camera, make a short film on a subject of your choice.
    • Using a series of photographs, make a short animation sequence.
    • Take a photo of people, animals, an urban scene or a landscape. Think about the light, the positioning and setting of your photo. Explain why you composed your photo in the way that you did.
  •     Every individual  who undertakes an activity badge should face a similar degree of challenge and as a result some requirements may need to be adapted. It is completely  acceptable to change some of the requirements of the badges to allow individuals to access the badge (for example where there are special needs, cultural issues, or religious considerations to take into account) and the requirements outlined for activity badges do allow for some flexibility in order to obtain the badge. If you would like help or advice when considering adapting the requirements of a badge please contact UK Headquarters.]]>