DIY Activity Badge – Cub


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  • Show how to use and take care of tools safely. Do this for a selection of them, like a hammer, saw, screwdriver, drill or glue gun.
  • Talk to your leader about how to work safely on your projects, especially when you’re using electric tools.
  • Learn what the difference  is between hard wood, soft wood, chipboard, plywood and MDF. For each of them, find out what they’re best used for.
  • Help design and make two items while an adult supervises you. Use them to show that you’re able to:
    • measure accurately
    • saw
    • join pieces of wood together in two different ways
    • use a hammer, screwdriver and drill
    • prepare surfaces and stain, varnish or paint.
  •   Every individual  who undertakes an activity badge should face a similar degree of challenge and as a result some requirements may need to be adapted. It is completely  acceptable to change some of the requirements of the badges to allow individuals to access the badge (for example where there are special needs, cultural issues, or religious considerations to take into account) and the requirements outlined for activity badges do allow for some flexibility in order to obtain the badge. If you would like help or advice when considering adapting the requirements of a badge please contact UK Headquarters.]]>