Community Impact – stage 1



  • Identify need. Investigate what issues and challenges exist in your chosen community – it could be local, national or international.
  • Plan action. Decide what issue your section should take action on and what you want to change. Talk to your section about what actions you would like to take.
  • Take action over three months. You should:
    • spend at least fours hours personally taking action on your chosen issue. You can achieve more impact by spreading your time out over a month, instead of doing it all in one go.
    • involve others in the action. Work in a team with your section and preferably people in the community you are trying to help.
  • Learn and make more change.  Discuss what you’ve learned with your section. Talk about how you have made people’s lives better, what you could do to help more people in your chosen community and how taking action has developed you.
  • Tell the world. Help other people to understand why the issue you took action on is important, what you did and how they can help.
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