Animal Friend Activity Badge – Beaver


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How to earn your badge:

  1. Learn how to care for an animal
  2. Help to take care of that animal for six weeks.
  3. Tell others in your Colony or Lodge about the animal
  4. Find out what the animal needs. Learn about its food, habitat, space, exercise and sleeping area.
  5. Keep a note of how you have looked after the animal for two weeks. You can draw, take photographs or write short sentences
Top tips The animal you care for could be a dog, cat, gerbil, guinea pig, fish, bird, rabbit, lamb or even a stick insect! Maybe you could help look after a family member’s pet. Even though there are lots of computer games and things that show you what it’s like to care for an animal, these won’t count for this badge. You will need to learn to take care of a real, live animal. Every individual  who undertakes an activity badge should face a similar degree of challenge and as a result some requirements may need to be adapted. It is completely  acceptable to change some of the requirements of the badges to allow individuals to access the badge (for example where there are special needs, cultural issues, or religious considerations to take into account) and the requirements outlined for activity badges do allow for some flexibility in order to obtain the badge. If you would like help or advice when considering adapting the requirements of a badge please contact UK Headquarters.]]>