Air Activities – stage 3




  • Learn the rules for access to an airfield. Draw a diagram or make a model of an airfield to show and name different points.
  • Understand the terms nose, fuselage, tail, wings, port, starboard and tailfin. Learn the names of an aeroplane’s control surfaces.
  • Construct and fly a chuck glider for at least five seconds. You can also build and fly a miniature hot air balloon or kite instead.
  • Choose one of these activities:
    • Collect photographs or pictures of six aircraft that interest you. Name them and identify their operational uses.
    • Talk about an airline that you are interested in, or have travelled on, showing pictures of the airline’s uniform and logos.
  • Take part in a visit to a place of aviation interest.
  • Communicate with someone or spell your name using the phonetic alphabet. Explain why it is used in aviation.
  • Show how you would get a weather forecast for an air activity.
  • Using 1:50000 and 1:25000 OS maps, show you understand the meaning of scale and common map symbols. Explain how a pilot might use a map differently from a car driver or somebody on a hike.
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